Release date: 1980.06 (VIC-1001) / 1981
Discontinued: 1985
Predecessor: Commodore PET
Successor: Commodore 64

Commodore VIC-20. Debuted in 1980 at the CES (Computer Electronics Show). The first VIC's were supplied to the dealers at the beginning of 1981.

It started on Japan market as VIC-1001 (it includes a special character ROM and keyboard that allow the user to enter Katakana characters) . Later than it was introduced to US market as VIC-20 and European market as VC-20.

It's a first home computer that was sold over 1 million items.

CPU MOS 6502 1.01MHz
RAM 5 kilobytes
Expandable to 21k throught 16k unit
ROM 20 Kilobytes
Basic 2.0
Video MOS Technology 6560 "VIC"
  • Text: 22 columns, 23 rows.
  • Hires: 176x184 pixels bitmaped
  • 8 text colours, 16 background colours
Sound MOS Technology 6560 "VIC"
  • 3 voices (square wave), noise and volume
Ports 6522 VIA (X2)
  • 1 Joystick/Mouse port
  • Round DIN CBM Serial port
  • Female edge-connector 'Cartridge/Game/Expansion' port
  • Round DIN CBM Monitor port
  • Male edge-connector CBM 'USER' port
  • Power and reset switches
  • 2-pin DIN Power connector
Keyboard Full-sized 66 key QWERTY
  • 8 programmable function keys
  • 2 sets of Keyboardable graphic characters
  • 2 key direction cursor-pad