Commodore PET 8032-SK

A couple of weeks ago, with a little bit of luck, I have bought a beautiful PET 8032-SK machine, which I always wanted in my collection + C2N datasette player. Unfortunately there wasn't any software included, so my PET was practically useless, besides this that I could program something by myself:)

After some googling I've found some great pages with Commodore PET software,

but the question was - "how to transfer this software to my PET machine?"...

Once again google came with help. After a little research I've found that there are some solutions designd for Commodore C64 like for example MP32C64 by Kopsec. Wait...if it works for C64 it should work on Commodore PET as well...and guess does!:) The reason I decided to use this datasette emulator is it's price. An author offers disassembled kit for really nice price, which is at the time when I wrote this article ~14 EUR.

In practice this device emulates real datasette, but the sound source here is not a tape, but any external player which can play wav files - usually pc or smartphone.

Let's start.

First thing is to convert prg files to wav. I have used great WAV-PRG software: Officially it doesn't support PET, but when you choose VIC-20, it works.

pet 1

step 1

pet 2

step 2: choose VIC20 PAL, and set output to WAV file

pet 3

step 3: choose PET compatible prg file you want to convert

pet 4

step 4: prg is being converted to wav, which later, thanks to MP32C64, we'll be able to transfer to PET the real fun begins



some picture of MP32C64 interface connected to PET datasette port


Because of PET 8032-SK is 80 column I'll load 40 column software emulator at first. There are some disadvantages using software 40 column emulation, like for example screen is half sized. If you want to have real hardware 40 column, you can make hardware mod described on page. To load a program we have to use "load" BASIC command.


...using my smartphone, with wav already converted from


...when emulator is loaded, enter "RUN" and voilla


...40 column mode LOADING Microchess game:)




finally, after 2:19, game is loaded, time to enter "RUN"...


success:) we have now Microchess PET game loaded using MP32C64 datasette emulator (or maybe we should call it WAV2PET?;))



Of course instead of running a loaded game we can save it to real datasette now. Have a good fun!