Hi, I would like to show you how I've transformed my broken C64 into PC. The idea was to have C64 looking, quiet PC with HDMI output, so it can be used in living room as HTPC or retro games machine...

C64 mod

The parts wchich I used:

  • original C64 case with keyboard (~20$)
  • Keyrah v2 interface to connect C64 keyboard into PC mainboard ( (~40$)
  • Nano ITX mainboard (12cmx12xcm) with Celeron 1037U @ 1.80GHz dual core i7 Ivy Bridge based architecture (105$ + VAT) (
  • 2GB DDR3 SO-DIMM (~20$)
  • 2,5' OCZ 64GB SSD SATA drive (45$)
  • some old 2xUSB, 2xaudio front panel (2$)
  • 12V, 3,5A, 35W power adapter (yep - that's enough:)) (~15$)

Total cost ~270$. The only new parts were Nano-ITX mainboard and Keyrah interface.

Ok, let's start the mod! The target was to affect original C64 case as less as possible.

1. The first tricky part was to adapt Keyrah interface to connect into PC mainboard internally. The red circle on the picture is the place where I've soldered 4-pin socket.

keyrah 1

The next step wast to prepare USB cable which I can connect to PC USB. What I've done was to cut USB cable and solder 4-pin connector to it...

 usb cable 1usb cable 2usb cable 3

...and plug it into Keyrah

keyrah 2

Quick's working!

keyrah 3c64 mod pc 2

 Now it's time to put the HDD in...

c64 mod hdd 1

I've drilled 3 holes using 3mm drill. The target was to use standard PC mounting screws.

c64 mod hdd 2

2,5' hdd drive mounted into C64 case, as simple as it looks...

c64 mod hdd 3c64 mod hdd 4

...Keyrah and HDD in place...

 c64 mod pc 3

Let's put the mainboard in.

 c64 mod mainboard 1c64 mod mainboard 2

 I had to do some sawing.

c64 mod mainboard 8

I've used original C64 mainboard shield to cover PC mainboard ports...

c64 mod mainboard 3c64 mod mainboard 4

 I've drilled 4 holes using the same 3mm drill which I used during HDD mountage. I have also to use some pad under the mainboard. The goal was to make some space for SO-DIMM and the air condition.

c64 mod mainboard 5c64 mod mainboard 7c64 mod mainboard 6c64 mod mainboard 9

 Power button and the power led. Because the idea was to connect the original C64 power led to the mobo HDD led, I had to attach second led for power indicator.

c64 mod power led 1

some soldering...

c64 mod power led 2

...and voila:)

c64 mod power led 3c64 mod power led 4c64 mod pc 4

We're almost there! Let's put some extra USB ports and Wi-Fi mini pci card in the place.

 c64 mod wifi 1

...Wi-Fi antennas...

c64 mod wifi 3c64 mod wifi 2

 ...some extra USB's...

c64 mod usb 1c64 mod usb 2

 And the result is...the nicest PC I've ever seen:)

c64 mod pc 5c64 mod pc 6

c64 mod pc 7c64 mod pc 8c64 mod pc 10

For sure with Keyrah interface and classic joysticks plugged in + Vice64 and WinUAE emulators installed, it's a real retro experience:) Hope you enjoy my mod.

If you've got some questions regarding this mod, feel free to ask at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.