Welcome on my homepage.

My name is Arkadiusz Neubauer. My passion are computers, especially demoscene and retrocomputing. Currently I work at full time at Nordea IT Poland as a programmer. I'm also a maker and webmaster of fashionpr.pl webpage.
Programming is my passion, so I may say that I'm one of thoses lucky guys who enjoys their work. But of course work isn't everything...

As you might see on this page, I'm also a retro computing enthusiast. Please take a look at my collection. You used to could have had one of those:) You can also read more about what I do, and in what I'm interested in, in the "projects".

At the spare time I prefer reading books, hang out on new computer projects or simply active rest - running, swimming, bicycle rides...going out with my friends, music. I like to meet new places and habits. Half serious, half joking, helping my friends takes me lots of time - mostly with their problems with their PC's (yep...boring;)). If you're IT specialist you must know what I mean ;]

Please be invited to visit rest of the page.

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